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Headshot (5 x 7)

I know San Mateo from growing up here. I attended Aragon High and College of San Mateo. After my parents lost their house in the Great Recession, I stayed and dedicated my life to serving our community.

As a Sustainability and Infrastructure Commissioner, I helped shape the City's 20-year policy vision and supported billions of dollars of citywide infrastructure projects benefiting every San Matean.

I am committed to protecting our neighborhood vitality, public safety and services, and working together to build a sustainable future. I will defend your civil rights and San Mateo's values of inclusivity and equality.

I humbly ask for your vote for City Council District 5.


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I am the only pro-choice democratic candidate in the District 5 city council race, proudly endorsed by the San Mateo County Democratic Party.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote to represent our democratic values. I need your help to run a successful grassroots campaign for San Mateo City Council. Please sign up to volunteer and donate today!

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