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I grew up in San Mateo and had a great childhood here. My family moved to the Shoreview neighborhood in 1995. I attended Horrall (LEAD) Elementary, Bayside Middle School, Aragon High and the College of San Mateo.

While in high school, I worked at Gator Games, a local business in District 5. I grew up enjoying San Mateo's parks and recreational programs and worked at the City of San Mateo's Parks and Recreation Department while in college.

My ties to our community run deep, and I am honored to answer to call to serve on the San Mateo City Council. 


Unfortunately, my parents lost their house during the Great Recession. They had to move out of state in order to afford a hastened retirement.

I found a place to rent and stayed in the city I love and dedicated myself to serve our community! From North Central's neighborhood association board, to our city's General Plan Subcommittee, and Sustainability & Infrastructure Commission. I led on equality, sustainability and infrastructure policy initiatives to keep San Mateo moving forward!

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Out of the blue, I was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2019. I resigned from my appointed positions when my doctor couldn't guarantee when or whether I'd be well again.

Luckily, I had a good job and health care. The treatment worked and I entered remission and fully recovered. At that time, I resolved to rededicate my life to public service.


I returned to our Sustainability and Infrastructure Commission and got back to work on the biggest infrastructure and sustainability issues San Mateans face.

I lived through the challenges of our housing affordability gap, I survived cancer, and my dedicated service to San Mateo has been a constant. 

Today, I have the expertise and citywide policy experience to serve on the San Mateo City Council. I am ready serve on Day One. Let's build a sustainable future together!

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