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Walk Piece Post Card #1 Adam Loraine (4×6 in) (2880 × 1920 px) (5).png

San Mateo is at a crossroads: we must recover economically from the pandemic, and plan for affordable housing and climate resilience. We need experienced leadership with strong community ties, to provide institutional knowledge and forward momentum to our Council. I grew up in San Mateo. In our neighborhood associations and as a City Commissioner, I've been a leading community voice on sustainability and infrastructure priorities.
I'm ready to lead on City Council. I helped shape the City’s 20-year policy vision, serving as Vice Chair on our General Plan Subcommittee. As a lifelong environmental advocate and Sustainability and Infrastructure Commissioner, I've supported billions of dollars of citywide infrastructure projects benefiting San Mateans. I’ve walked every block and listened to thousands of Beresford Hillsdale neighbors; I pledge to lead by listening.

We deserve qualified leaders who “walk the walk” and will be accountable to all in our diverse District 5.


  • Approve fiscally sustainable budgets that protect city workers and jobs during hard times

  • Implement Measure CC, raising up to $5 million annually for city services with a 1% tax increase only on property transfers worth $10 million or more

  • Support county consolidated fire and emergency medical services model, increasing efficiency and resiliency while reducing cost


  • Increase affordable housing near transit hubs, so that people who work here can live here, while reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions

  • Complete Streets transportation infrastructure that increases bike/ped and transit access for all while reducing strain on our parking lots and highways

  • Support project to clean our wastewater well enough to recycle back into the Crystal Springs Reservoir, saving millions of gallons daily and dramatically increasing our drought resiliency


  • Ally and champion of homeowners and renters; people of all ages, ethnicities, incomes, cultures, gender identities and sexual orientations

  • Pro-Choice: Endorsed CA Prop 1, supports women’s rights, access to health care and family planning services

  • Support efforts to diversify city boards and commissions, identify gaps in community engagement and coordinate resources to address them

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